Dear Rockledge High School Lacrosse Fans and Supporters:


Sponsors and donors are essential to the success of our Rockledge High School Boys and Girls Lacrosse programs. We have completed 7 seasons and are gearing up to begin our 8th as an independent sport at Rockledge High School. Lacrosse is a 100% Pay-to-Play sport, solely funded by player fees and community support. We receive ZERO funding from Rockledge High or Brevard County Schools. In fact, every year after each season we are billed for services that are needed to have our games: such as field use, referee fees, administrator fee at each game, buses to away games, and countless other charges that amount to thousands of dollars to complete a season. In addition, we are responsible for coach’s stipends and field equipment such as balls and goals. It costs approximately $21,000 for make each season happen. Each player is required to pay a player fee of $250.00 prior to beginning the season. These fees are used to help cover the costs mentioned earlier. The fees help, but do not fully cover the cost of a season. We supplement by running a full concession stand at every home game, conducting pre- season fund raisers and encouraging players to obtain sponsors from the community. When a player secures a sponsor, that player‘s account will be credited approximately half of the sponsorship amount (as indicated in “Sponsorship Opportunities”). The other half will be used to purchase a banner with the sponsor’s logo and supplement the program. We realize that our business community in Rockledge gets overwhelmed by requests for sport and club sponsorships from the high school. It is true that most sports and clubs at Rockledge High suffer from lack of funding. By becoming a sponsor you will not only be helping the individual player but the program as well.


On behalf of our student athletes, RHS Boosters, Coaching Staff and parents, we are truly grateful for taking a few minutes to review our sponsorship opportunities and choosing one that works best for you. This is a tax-deductible contribution. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email at We look forward to you joining our Lacrosse Program for the 2020 season! 


Thank you, 


Jennifer Del Campo, Treasurer

RHS Lacrosse Booster Club       


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